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On Memorial Day weekend of 2016, my vehicle suffered a transmission failure 60 miles from my destination of VA Beach. I asked the tow truck driver if he knew a reputable transmission shop and he named Priceâ s Transmission with little hesitation. This was my first indication that perhaps my vehicle would be in good hands. When we arrived, the owner assured me he would be able to look into the problem first think in the morning after the long weekend and offered me a loaner car until I could locate a rental. In the meantime, the shop communicated with the builder of the transmission and coordinated shipping of the replacement part required for the repair. The shop prepared the vehicle well in advance to receiving the replacement part. The owner, Curtis Price, kept me updated me each day sending pictures and assuring me that the vehicle would be repaired on time as promised minimizing the length of my car rental as much as possible.

Price's Transmission went above and beyond with their customer service; loaning a car for my family for a couple of days, communicating and coordinating with the transmission builder, and keeping me informed of the progress of the repair.

Price's transmission went above and beyond with the repair. They had the truck prepped for the repair at least a day before the part arrived and completed the installation within hours of receiving the part.

Price's Transmission provided excellent customer service, on-time, and as promised work on my truck. I wish this shop was in Northern VA so I could refer them to everyone I know.
--Gino Quodala, Customer

AAA Car Care Centers
Integrity. Professionalism. Experience- or put it simply, good old fashioned know-how. And that's know-how in every sense of the word- customer service, technicial expertise, and problem solving.I cannot think of one single instance where both Price's and AAA didn't work together with total satisfaction on both sides. It's quite simple actually. Know what you're going to do,do what you say, get it done when you say your going to. The entire staff at Price's Transmission are the CREAM OF THE CROP.
--Steve Benedict, Executive Director, AAA Car Care Centers

Thank you for taking your time to find the underlying problem with my Ford Explorer. It is very frustrating for a customer to have to go through a couple of different mechanics to find the right diagnosis. Once again your knowledge and your professionalism shined through. I really do appreciate your honesty and fairness.
--Jonathan T. Hayden, Marketing Representative, TCI

Many times in the last 30 years I have passed your business but seldom have I needed a transmission shop. Recently the transmission on my 36 foot motor home was giving me a program and I decided to give you guys a try. I could not have been more pleased. I was sure that the size of the RV would have present a problem. You and your staff made more than enough room so that the RV could be worked on without clogging up your business. The professionalism and friendliness you and your staff gave me was the best I have run across in the automotive repair business. (Read Full Testimonial...)
--Donald M. Price, Virginia Beach

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