The terms “repair,” “rebuild,” and “replace” DO NOT mean the same thing when it comes to your transmission. Technicians that work on your vehicle must understand how the transmission works and more importantly, how to fix it when it stops working. Sometimes this means you need a new transmission –other times it means you don’t. When the problem is due to your transmission, we’ll repair your vehicle in a cost effective and timely manner.

At Price’s, our team of technicians are experts at getting you back on the road and keeping you there. Experienced technicians will perform a full diagnostic test on your engine and transmission, analyzing the status of your vehicle. They will identify the problem, offer solutions and create a plan to get you back on the road.

If a repair is not an option, Price’s offers fully remanufactured transmissions as a solution. A remanufactured transmission is different from a rebuilt transmission.

With a remanufactured transmission, all soft parts are replaced and all hard parts are inspected. Any damaged components are replaced in our factory setting.
Each remanufactured transmission also receives a new torque converter.

With a rebuilt transmission your cars original transmission is removed from your vehicle with only worn or damaged parts replaced.

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